Game Changer: Innovative Hockey Training

The new Benchmark in Hockey Training. 9 different game modes help you to achieve unbelieveable skills. 
Give everything and fight with your friends for the highscore.

Developed with coaches and players for best practice results.  

Keep the overall view - even in complex situations and act instinctively right. Dodge any blue lights, get the highscore and show who's in control! 

Best quality for meeting the highest standards. We only use the best materials for producing this sophisticated product. 

The field is 170cm x 83 cm in size and is connected in the middle like a puzzle. Therefore it can be easily disassembled for transport. . 

Special Offer: Limited Availability
Only € 349 until 15.10.2020
With every order we give a free extra bottle of non-friction spray with a value of € 19,99!

9 different Game Modes

The Game Changer offers 9 different game modes for a truly diversified training.

Mode 1: The Classic
60 Seconds - one red light. How quickly can you play the puck onto the dot?

Mode 2: The Bomb
60 seconds of highest concentration. Play the puck onto the red dot but beware of blue lights - point deduction!

Mode 3: Exxtreme Speed
Only one light - same spot. 60 Seconds for Exxtreme Speed!

Mode 4: Quick Hands
Two fixed red lights, 60 seconds time. Play the puck quickly between those lights. 
You think you're fast? Prove it!

Mode 5: Toe Drag
In this Mode you choose the lights you want to use first. Then play the puck with the toe drag between thos lights. For this exercise you stand at the head side of the Game Changer.

Mode 6: The Eight
The Eight is a challenge of its own. Here you don't hunt for the highscore but try to play around these two points really fluently.

Mode 7: The Square

You thought The Eight was difficult? Then try The Square and play as fluent as possible around the lights without hitting them. 
A loose wrist is recommended!

Mode 8: Exxtreme Speed Multiplayer 30 Sec

1 VS 1.  30 seconds powerplay!
Who plays the puck faster? Challenge your friend to a quick battle!
Needs a second ePuck!

Mode 9: Exxtreme Speed Multiplayer 60 Sec

1 VS 1.  60 seconds powerplay!
Wer spielt den Puck schneller über das Licht?
Fordere deine Freunde zum schnellen Battle!
Benötigt zweiten ePuck.